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MSC Industrial

Full-Service Supply & Logistics Provider

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High Speed Logistics proudly partners with MSC Industrial, a best-in-class MRO supply & service provider.

High Speed Logistics streamlines product sourcing thanks to our partners at MSC Industrial. With more than 1.5 million industrial products available, MSC Industrial delivers MRO products, services, and resources across industries


An industry leader in metalworking, maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) solutions

How MSC Industrial Serves Our Customers


A vast product inventory and network of metalworking specialists can assist with projects big and small.

MRO Products

MSC Industrial has more than 500,000 items available to ship next-day, and more than 1.5 million in total. 

ControlPoint Inventory Management

Take control of consumption and costs with custom inventory management software and solutions.

SBE Minimums

Meet Small Business Enterprise spend requirements by adding MRO products to your quote.

How to Add Products to Your High Speed Logistics Quote

Adding products from MSC Industrial to your High Speed Logistics quote is easy!

Copy the MSC Part # (listed as Item # in your Cart) and desired quantity into a document or email and send to Maximillian at


High Speed Logistics & MSC Industrial: Leveraged Procurement Agreement
(Contract ID NASPO #7-18-15-03.05)

High Speed Logistics and MSC Industrial are authorized partners in the State of California under Cooperative Agreement contract terms. MSC Industrial may provide Facilities Maintenance and Repair & Operations, Industrial Supplies to High Speed Logistics and its customers according to California’s State Procurement and Certification Programs. 


Please reference Contract ID Naspo #7-18-15-03.05 on for more information about this Leveraged Procurement Agreement contract and certification, or click the button below to view the event.

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